Charting Australia’s Farming Future

On Friday June 16  Professor Snow Barlow FTSE, FAIAST and Winsome McCaughey AO will convene a Roundtable of 25 Australian national experts from biodiversity, soils, water and agriculture to discuss Integrating Biodiversity and Profitable Farming at their vineyard near...

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Jamie Goode’s post on Terrior

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Terroir: one of the most interesting wine concepts I love the topic of terroir: the idea that the specific soils and local climate of a vineyard area can impart distinctive local character to the wines it produces. I love the fact that it is...

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Pope’s encyclical on the environment

Key excerpts from the Pope’s encyclical on the environment Posted 19 Jun 2015, 9:01amFri 19 Jun 2015, 9:01am Related Story: Pope calls for climate change action ‘here and now’ Map: Holy See (Vatican City State) Pope Francis has issued a major...

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Join us

We are on a journey and we’d love you to come with us. There is much to be done! An easy way to help is to purchase and enjoy our wines with friends. We’d also love you to share our story. Tim Jones depicts this in his beautiful engravings – which is that:

  • Replacing native bio-corridors restores healthy ecosystems
  • Healthy ecosystems enable wines to express distinctive terroir flavours
  • Reinvesting returns from quality wines enables more land restoration

If you'd like to assist in other ways, contact us or subscribe for updates.